It is in Sahih Al Bukhari (1618) that ‘Aishah used to perform Tawaf separately and never mixed with men. Once it happened that ‘Aishah was performing the Tawaf and a woman said to her, ‘O Mother of believers! Let us touch the Black stone.’ ‘Aishah said to her, ‘Go yourself,’ and she herself refused to do so.

The true Muslim woman does not blindly follow other women.

She does not respond to any and every call that other women make to “liberty”.

She is one of a kind.

She doesn’t want to please every one, she wants to please her Lord.

She is firm in the knowledge that the rules of Allaah benefit her.

She doesn’t care what others may call her.

If everyone were convinced that the rules she follows oppress her, she would not exchange them for the world.