Can a woman make hijrah without a mahram?

Answer from Shaykh Maahir bin Thaafir Al-QahTaanee hafithahullah:

Yes that is allowed exceptionally from the origin that women are not allowed to travel without a mahram but for a woman who saw that she cannot establish her religion and realized that she will be able to establish her religion if she did hijrah it is allowed for her to travel without a mahram to go to Saudi or to the country that is feasible [An-Nawawee quoted in Sharh Sahih Muslim the unanimous agreement among scholars that woman is exempt from having a mahram to make Hijrah from land of war]. Because at the time of the prophet peace is upon him women were making hijrah and the prophet peace is upon him did not ask them about mahram or made it a condition on them to have a mahram. Rather he was commanded by Allah to test these women to ascertain if they were believers or not(verse 10 in Suratul-Mumtahinah). The condition of the mahram is for the Muslim woman who wants to travel outside hijrah.

This was recorded on Thursday 22/04/1433

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