Sahih Al Bukhari and its author Muhammad Ibn Ismaeel Al Bukhari are both a reason of pride in our Islamic religion; whoever mocks what is in this Sahih or belittles it or weakens what the scholars of Ahlul Sunnah agreed upon in regards to its authenticity then he is not proud of our deen, and he is not proud of what our Messenger Sallallahu Alayhee wa sallam said or did.

It is narrated that Al Bukhari Rahimahullah said:

“When I entered Al Basrah I went to the (knowledge) gathering of Bundar (a famous scholar and narrator of Hadith), so when his eyesight fell on me he said:
From where is the young man ? I said:
From the people of Bukhara
He said to me:
How did you leave Abu Abdullah (The Kunyah of Al Bukhari)? (i.e in what state did you leave Imam Al Bukhari, is he in a good condition?)
Al Bukhari said:
I remained silent.
They then (those in the gathering) said to him (Bundar) :
May Allah have mercy on you this is Abu Abdullah.
He then stood up, took my hand, hugged me and he said: Hello (welcome) to the one whom I have been proud of for years.” ~ Siyar A’lam An-nubala 12/423